sábado, 6 de setembro de 2008

Global Boring

Personally, I've been experiencing a kind of impasse and so, undergoing a certain exploration of time, past, and its influence.
Having in mind the concept of cyclic fashions, one obviously tends to think about the necessity of looking towards the positive and upcoming region of the time graph – as in present and future.

Old clothes desperately call out to be nowadays' pajamas. Take a serious peek at what we've accomplished and move on.
I don't want by saying this, to mean past should be promptly thrown away as it stops serving the present, neither do I want to overrate future.

I do mean we should instead close a chapter of what we can sum up learning with experience, and direct it towards a greater discovery of current values – finding within ourselves as designers a visual, empirical and an even more communicative language – and syntony with the now & tomorrow.

We are increasingly living in the versatile, ayurvedic – and that's something to take advantage of – "you are what you eat" era. And if that's how it goes, I surely prefer to ingest something I can identify with today rather than something reflecting myself but twenty years ago.

Shall we preserve this dynamic spirit that does (or should even more) characterize our actuality, so that there isn't a risk of being victim of a Global Boring.

After all, it isn't the first time that in human history consciousness is forced to shift from one plane to another. Any change is painful. If there's a future, it deserves to be examined. Louis Pauwels

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