domingo, 22 de junho de 2008

Good Morning

Hello to everyone!

This blog is born with the purpose of presenting some essays, thoughts, articles, critiques, and whatsoevers about design, typography, and intimately related subjects;
Why this focus? Well, the person who is writing this - for that is myself - is a young designer and/or graphic artist, with no credibility whatsoever, who really thinks has some interesting ideas to share with all of you who might be interested.

I hope as well that this comes to a point where your own reviews, comments or critics might help develop a deeper, and more concise point of view about what's being discussed.
And that applies to my occasional bad english as well - which I will really try to accompany with the respective portuguese version.

For now, I wish to thank everyone who has motivated and supported me in all my way up to where I am now, and continues to do it unconditionally.
And last but not least, I thank you for reading and participating; and by doing so, I truly believe we are making up for new perspectives, and consequently a better world - which is exactly contemporary design's role (and not just a dream anymore).

It is everywhere.

Today, we live and breathe design. – Rick Poynor

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